In our ever continuing commitment to the betterment of collecting, especially in the Civil War arena, American Thunder Antiquities is proud to present the 4-F List.

We have categorized and rated the items seen in the Civil War arena, and have thumbnailed the items for your ease of navigation.

Below is a table that contains items to be on the lookout for. Many have very definite problems, while other are highly suspect. These consist of fakes, fantasies, and other less than authentic items in todays marketplace.

To view the items, simply click on the "View Category" icon, and it will take you to the appropriate category.

Accoutrement Plates
Artillery, Bullets & Projectiles
Cavalry Items
Gear & Equipment
Images & Photography
Insignia, Medals & Badges
Personal Effects
Slave & Ku Klux Klan
Small Arms & Weaponry

ADDENDUM - The following list contains information vital to collectors and dealers everywhere. Please take the time to view these pages as well. They might just save you some heartache as well as a chunk of money:

  • To see our ratings system, please refer to the legend.
  • For an insightful tour into the roles of the people behind the "less that authentic" items on the market, be sure to see Recipe For Fraud.
  • Here you will find a listing of other Notable Scams - Large To Small.
  • If you encounter any of these items, and are in doubt, please refer to a qualified dealer or collector. Also, there are many good reference books available.
  • 4-F List site disclaimer of services and liability.

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