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The friendly folks at Antiques Are Russ believe that the antique and collectible community should make it's collective mind upon confidence, satisfaction and trust on several factors. Although we are not the biggest kid on the block, we are known to be one of the most respected.

At Antiques Are Russ, we rely upon our 35+ years of experience in the study, research, sales and collecting of fine antiques. We specialize in that "personal" touch that often seems to get lost by others in the drone of hype, braggadocio and hyperbole. Our only boast is to offer specialized and quaranteed service to any collector, dealer, organization or institution. Your satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. Antiques Are Russ is proud to have the distinction of offering the antique and collectibles community the following:

Sales & Service...

  • Active want lists & database maintained at no obligation to the buyer.
  • Networked with other reputable collectors, purveyors & institutions nationwide.
  • Specialized sales & purchasing arranged and brokered.
  • Daily shipments of merchandise (both domestic & abroad) by UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.
  • Mastercard and Visa sales coming soon.

High Tech Services...
  • Email, FTP, Video Teleconferencing, etc. Communication is tantamount to expedient service.
  • Online Internet presence - Fully illustrated online WWW catalog for your viewing ease.
  • Full facsimile capabilities.
  • Full time voice mail. For all contact, information and ordering.
  • Online tracking services available to insure prompt and efficient delivery of your parcels .
  • Online auction capabilities. We can list your items on many of the Internet's online auctions. Let your merchandise be seen by over 90+ million people.
  • Consignment services. Insert your items on consigment directly into the Antiques Are Russ web site. Proven success rate and sales.
  • Web site development and maintenance. We can create a powerful and effective online presence custom designed for your company, institution or organization.
  • Graphic art & design, marketing and publishing services. We can develop your brochures, newsletters, catalogs, etc.

Appraisal, Research and Documentation Services...
  • Fee based, appraisal service.
  • Identification and documentation service.
  • Large reference library on premises with emphasis on antiques and collectibles.
  • Trained research staff available to find your needed information or records.
  • Inventory management, indexing and cataloging for insurance or conservatory purposes.
  • Full video and digital imaging services available.

As you can see, Antiques Are Russ has at its disposal many services and opportunities not available by the vast majority of other antique dealers. We are proud to be able to offer diversified and competent service for your collecting and historical needs.

Antiques Are Russ
P.O. Box 7031
Columbia, MO 65205


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