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Are you doing research on a family member that had served in the United States military prior to 1920? Do you have a miltary relic or item that you are looking for further information about the service man that carried it? Or maybe you are involved in researching a paper for school or organization?

If so, ATA can help you find out that needed information straight from Washington D.C. We can find out various information on soldiers that served in American forces from 1775 - 1902. Incredibly, we can research the Revolutionary War through the Phillipine Insurrection.

We offer 3 different & entirely seperate bases of research:

1)   Federal (not state) pension records based on service before WW1.

2)   Federal (not state) Bounty-Land Warrants on service prior to 1856.

3)   Military service records on the the following servicemen:


  • Officers serving before June 30, 1917
  • Enlisted men serving before October 31, 1912


  • Officers serving before 1903
  • Enlisted men serving before 1886


  • Officers serving before 1896
  • Enlisted men serving before 1905


  • Officers serving 1861 - 1865
  • Enlisted men serving 1861 - 1865

To use this service, you must provide us with a minimum of the soldiers NAME, BRANCH OF SERVICE, HOME STATE, WAR or DATES SERVED, and if applicable, whether a UNION or CONFEDERATE service man.

Although not all records are on file due to record keeping procedures of the 18th and 19th centuries, we can usually find most of the records requested. Pricing is as follows, and must be paid in cash or money order in advance of commencing research:

  1. $75.00 fee for the records, research and copying expenses to be mailed to you, post-paid. Keep in mind that a seperate form must be filled out for each type of record (Pension, Bounty/Land Warrant, Military). As well, there is a seperate charge for each record as these are entirely different files.

  2. $25.00 fee is still incurred (balance of $50.00 returned) if no records are available on the requested service man.

If you would like a mail-order form, then please CLICK HERE.

Or you may contact us at:

P.O. Box 7031
Columbia, MO 65205


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