Instructions & Guidelines

1)   A "nickname" is all that is required. Your email address and full name ARE NOT required to use Civil War Chat.

Absolutely NO personal information is required, nor do you have to register with ANYONE. No registration, no fees, no hassle.

2)   Once you have entered a nickname, then simply hit the "OK, Connect" button.

3)   By using the "Float" button, you can generate a new window expressly for chatting. By maximizing this window, you will have a large and pleasant viewing area.

4)   To "chat", simply insert your cursor where the red "Type Here" is located, and type away. Then simply hit your ENTER key to send the message!!!

5)    No profanity, prurient material, name calling, or infighting. All chat should be mature, clean, kind, upbeat, and helpful. We're all here to share information in an atmosphere of trust and common interests. Above all, let's have fun!!!

6)   Your IP address is accessible however, so please keep your chat clean and mature.

7)   Be sure to "Log Off" when finished to save on bandwidth.

8)   It is OK to set and "lurk" and watch the conversation, but the CHAT has a timer, and will disconnect you after 10 minutes of idle time. You will then have to re-log in to participate.

9)   It is nice to "greet" the CHAT when you first log-in, and introduce yourself, but is not required.

Have Fun & Keep Your Powder Dry !

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