Violence, Crime and Death
An American Story

I would like to start this essay by saying "thank you" for taking time to access this page. I appreciate your concerns and especially your desire for accurate and uncensored information. I am putting forth this essay in the hopes of reaching the masses and helping them through a very difficult time we are experiencing in The United States.

Also, I am in the hopes that you see this page in the light in which it is constructed. A forum to try to get the message out, and possibly be of some help to the human race.

I am very concerned about the groups of lobbyists, legislators, misinformed citizens etc that are attempting to capitalize on the blood of some innocent Americans and to perpetuate the lies about gun control, the Internet, violence and other issues. Some are not giving you the entire facts due to misinformation. And others are using manipulation and distortion of the facts to poison your minds.

Below you will find a series of links that will provide you with uncensored and accurate information. If not for yourself, please read through these for the sake of your familiy and your loved ones. The information here could save your family from becoming a cold statistic in the ever growing journal of death and violence in America.

  1. The REAL State Of The Union
  2. Breakdown Of The Family Unit
  3. Gun Control
  4. Governmental Censorship
  5. Desensitization Of Our Youth
  6. Glorification Of Violence
  7. A Letter To The Editor
  8. Conclusion

"Silence Is Acceptance"


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