Violence, Crime and Death
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Governmental Censorship

I'm not going to spend a lot of time here. Basically, the government wants control over the airwaves, radio, newspaper and now the Internet. Again, a basic infringement on the Constitution and the First Amendment of free speech. The Internet is a world wide medium, that can not be controlled. Control begins at home. Be aware of what your kids are viewing. And also use any of the "free" software programs out there to prevent access to these dangerous sites. All it takes is a bit of precaution and parental concern. Let your children run "wild" and that is what they probably will become. Wild and dangerous people.

The "Trenchcoat Mafia" in Littleton may have had published some really bad, hate filled web pages. On top of everything else, they were guilty of abuse of a medium. As well as proliferation of hate and violence.

But those troubled teens could have found out how to make their bombs and explosives on any street corner in the United States. It isn't rocket science to assemble a home made bomb. I won't reveal any ingredients, instructions, etc here. But it is very simple. And regulation of the Internet is not the answer.

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