Violence, Crime and Death
An American Story

Breakdown Of The Family Unit

It brings tears to my eyes to see the way that Americans, or for the matter, humanity has totally disregarded basic human values and morals. Especially, the breakdown of the family unit. Divorce and unwed motherhood is at an all time high.

Children are deservant of love, care, affection, and most importantly GUIDANCE. They can not thrive when bounced from home to home, baby sitter to the next baby sitter, court rooms over custody, etc. They can not learn the preciousness of life when they are simply seen as a burden. Children are a blessing, and are only repeating and exhibiting what they have been exposed to.

Granted, not all children that find themselves in trouble come from impoverished and neglected homes. Many are from affluent homes. But still, that basic guidance and parental love is not present in many of these homes. Other people raise these children, whether it be babysitters, nannys, street corner mesiah's etc. Your children are at the mercy of others whose intentions are not, for the most part, in their best interest.

I don't want to sound like a religious fanatic here, but we need some good, old fashioned ideals today!! What ever happened to love, family bonding, honesty, integrity, ethics, civic and community pride, patriotism and love of God and country?

Are these antiquated ideals? Is it too much to ask for? I, personally, don't think so.

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