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Gun Control

The cry for gun control is louder than ever with the recent events in Littleton Colorado. All the gun control in the world would not have changed that tragedy one bit!! Gun control only works on people who abide by the law. Plain and simple. Common sense should dictate that a criminal will get a weapon NO MATTER WHAT. Our American prison system is full of guns and drugs. How much tighter control can there be than a prison?

Indeed, a law abiding citizen will comply with gun control, WILL A CRIMINAL? Let's be real and think a bit here. A criminal abiding by the law????? Not a snowball's change in the Mojave. That's why they call it crime, my friends.

While I am a firm advocate of the right to bear arms, please don' take that to the extreme. I don't think a 10 year old should be able to buy a weapon. But telling a law abiding, tax paying citizen, such as myself, that I should not have a gun is bull-puckey. And that's what gun control does.

Police agencies, law officials, the court and the American family unit have nothing to fear from law abiding gun enthusiasts such as myself. Guns will always be here, even if totally outlawed. And they will be in the hands of predators, psychotics, sociopaths, paranoids and a wide array of mentally ill criminals looking to see your life blood spilled. Does that sound appealing to you??

Anyway, all of my guns are legal, registered and properly acquired. Additionally, I have several hundred hours of training in the use of a wide assortment of weapons. Also, as a matter of fact, I can take a plain drinking straw from McDonalds, and kill a person with it. So, should straws be controlled????

I can also go to the local hardware store and gas station, and in a matter of minutes, construct the most powerful, sub-nuclear, explosive device in the world. And that's exactly what was used in Oklahoma City, my friends. Should there then be a law on common household commodities?? Where will it all end???

I want to share a story with you. A few years ago, I had one of my best friends murdered. He was shot in the head by a carjacker. My friend had his 8 year old son in the car at the time. His son was splattered with his father's brains and lifeblood and saw his father perish at the hands of a predator. And the funny thing about it is that all the gun control in the world wouldn't have stopped this nut-case from murdering my buddy!!! Plain and simple.

I hope his son's nightmares will someday subside. I know that the carjacker isn't losing much sleep and will keep on doing this type of crime. He will keep on preying on people even if he has to resort to using a broken bottle or a stick. All the while, a good, hard working and loving father lays rotting in the ground. My buddy's only crime was trying to get his son to his basketball game. I ask you, "Is that justice"???

The only thing gun control and not having the right to carry a weapon accomplishes is making the defenseless even more vulnerable. WAKE UP people, it's a jungle out there, full of predators waiting to pounce on you. It isn't fair to make people defenseless and easier prey for these criminals. Guns are here, and will always be here. And regrettably, they will always fall into criminals hands. Plain and simple...

Recently, my home state of Missouri voted out a proposition that would give law abiding people the right to carry a weapon. It was shot down by a bunch of people that just don't understand weapons. I talked to many people about their votes. And the majority weren't scared about law abiding citizens with guns. They simply voted against it because they didn't feel that they would personally ever use it. Thus keeping others from having the God given right to protect themselves and their families. They weren't using their heads, as is usually the case. They wouldn't be in support of it until they need it. And then, it is almost always too late...

Please try to remember that children have had guns in their homes, log cabins etc in America for 300+ years and abroad for even longer than that. The kind of events that has happened in Littleton and other schools is only a recent thing. And it is brought on by desensitization of morals brought on by too much violence and a "dream" world that Hollywood, the gaming industry, the extreme music industry, etc combined with lack of parental control and the decline of human values in society, particularly our own.

Lastly, without delving deeply into the Constitution and our Second Amendment Right, I only want to impress to you, that this right is one that we can never give up. Some countries did, and look at them now. China, Russia and as of late, Yugoslavia and the crisis there. Never forget to remember the scenes of the Chinese students whacking armored government tanks in Tien An Mien Square with sticks a few years ago.

I don't want to come off as a "militia" type radical, because I'm not. I'm just a patriot and true American that believes in the personal freedoms our forefathers died for. We should never give up the right to defend ourselves against our enemies. Whether those enemies should be foreign or domestic!!! If that day ever comes, many shall wail the cries of the tortured, imprisoned and oppressed. And sadly, it will be too late...

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