Violence, Crime and Death
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Glorification Of Violence

This subject has been touched on a bit in the "Desensitization Of Our Youth" section. But, we feel there is more here to be explored.

One of the major components of the violence we are experiencing today, is the glorification of the "Street Gang". Gangsters, as they are affectionately know, have reached almost god-like status with the youth of this country.

These people and their gangland styles of murder and violence are the subject of countless songs, movies, books, videos, etc. Are these the role models we want our children looking up too?? People who will kill, rape and violate the good, wholesome family unit.

Drugs, prostitution, murder, rape and robbery are sung about with grandiose passion in "rap" or "urban" music. Movie theaters abound with gangster movies. And most recently, these "rap" artists are dying from murder within their own ranks. What a glorious genre of music, isn't it?? I think not.

Recently, I had a school teacher, of all people, tell me this ALL started with Elvis Presley back on the Ed Sullivan show. I about fell out of my seat when she said that he was the instigator of all the problems.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I remember him causing a bit of a stir because he shook his hips on TV. But I don't remember him singing or spreading any type of word about murder and violence. Nor do I remember him promoting robbery, drugs or any of the subjects of which the "rap" movement sing about. And this "grand" idea came from a college educated school teacher. This is ony a prime example of common sense vs. book sense.

And it really troubles me to hear such analogies between someone such as Elvis, and the current day thugs and murderers that would just as soon kill you for your tennis shoes than look at you. The ones looking to rape and humiliate your children, sell them drugs and drain their wallets, and laugh at the establishment.

My advise is to look at the "parental advisory" labels on your children's CD's, videos, etc. IF you find that label, then look at the lyric sheets contained within, or take the time to watch the movie. Then, you will see what is being driven into their heads at eardrum piercing levels.

And, a lot of the time, you will find a study guide of violence, murder and crime at their disposal. Do you really want that??

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