Violence, Crime and Death
An American Story

Desensitization Of Our Youth

Some of the children, as well as adults, in our society have been fed a constant diet of death, destruction and mayhem. They are living in an altered state of reality induced by several sources. Sadistic and horrific video games, satanic and deviant music, blood and gore soaked television and movies.

To get an idea of what I am talking about, I propose that you do yourself and your family a favor. I propose that you go and purchase a copy of any of Marilyn Manson's music. Take a close look and listen to the lyrics. Death, pain, murder , torture and humiliation is all you will hear. My God, how can this be!!!! His biggest selling album is entitled "Antichrist Superstar". Ask yourself what exactly does "Antichrist" mean"? It's not a "good" definition, I'll guarantee that...

Anyway, I would totally understand if you don't want to contribute $17.00 to this person's income. So, I have provided you with the lyrics to 2 of his most glorious songs. Take a peek HERE. *CAUTION - Strong lyrics and profanity*.

Then, go rent the cult favorite, hit movie "Natural Born Killers". Watch the horrific slaughter of innocent people. Many young children revered this movie. It is a nonstop, cross country blood fest in which the stars of the movie kill and torture people. A bloody rampage that is glorified by Hollywood.

Now then, when you have experienced both of those, set back, and try to imagine a teen or pre-teen watching and listening to that sort of thing over and over and over. And don't think for a minute that these are the only 2 "bad" movies or musicians out there. There are countless other movies and music like this. The amount is staggering. The young of our country are being pumped full of an extreme diet of this day after day, night after night. Until they are totally obsessed with it.

To many, many children, it's all a big video game anymore, sung to the tune of some satan worshipping Marilyn Mason crap, and played out on a video screen in a game such as DOOM. What an absolutely wonderful name for a children's game, isn't it? Doom?? That sounds pretty awful to me.

Here is another proposal for you. Obtain a copy of the video game DOOM, or go take a peek at it in your own home. It's probably already on your own home PC. You probably aren't even aware it's there. Maybe stop in at the corner computer shop, and take a look. I'm certain it is for sale there!!!

I can understand if you don't want to see the entire DOOM game. I have provided screen captures from this wonderful game for you to examine. You can see it HERE.

When you take a look at this game (or any of the countless others in this genre), it will be of an image that you soon won't forget. Get ready for a nonstop killing spree of blood, guts gore and horrific devastation and terror!! The player is given a variety of weapons and the object is to run around kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time. The more blood, death and dying, the better the player.

Isn't that a wonderful game for your youngster to be playing? In actuality, it should be titled "How To Train Your Children To Be A Sadistic Killer". That's what it is actually doing...

All of this has a combined effect on our young people. And also on some adults as well. They have become desensitized to human suffering and the preciousness of life itself. Life is meaningless to them. A big fantasy world where death, destruction and suffering rules!!!

A prime example of this is the recent shootings in Jonesboro Arkansas. One of the assailants in Jonesboro was a bit surprised when the people he shot didn't get up and walk away. He actually thought that it was like his video game, and that all the blood would disappear. But sufficeth to say, it did not, and many families are without their loved ones.

There is no "reset" button in the game of life. The victims in real life don't just get up and walk away. Death is final, and we have to prevent this type of manipulation of our children!!!!

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