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Rulen Enterprises is a seasoned, innovative, diversified company based in central Missouri. Offering the finest in cutting edge computer technology combined with high-tech systems and integration, networking, administration, consultation, graphic arts, advertising & publication, website structure design / creation, web hosting, telecommunications, FAX / facsimile and much more.

Diversification, expertise and satisfaction are major factors in the success of Rulen Enterprises. Personal attention, creative capabilities and every possible effort are exponentially put forth to each and every client and program. 100% satisfaction is the key to our longevity.

Today, Rulen Enterprises offers a complete line of advanced information systems, leveraging the latest in IT such as Oracle©, Java, CORBA, Microsoft©, OCX/GRID and PUSH technologies.

We have built our reputation on these factors, and our clients will attest to our dedication to providing the best in sales and service. You deserve the best. And we know it...


Rulen Enterprises is a supplier of IT solutions and integrated information systems for todays fast paced business world. We are committed to combining the most effective technologies, innovative designs, and production methodologies to create cost effective solutions that enhance productivity and competitiveness of our clients.

Rulen Enterprises goal is to supply innovative technologies to meet the diverse needs and strictest demands of each and every one of our clients. Rulen Enterprises regards clients first and foremost, for without them Rulen Enterprises could not attain its position of leadership in the industry today.

Rulen Enterprises shares the same goals of increased productivity, return on investment, effective information distribution, and a higher level of client care. Through collaboration, communication and cooperation, Rulen Enterprises will continue to deliver best of breed solutions to its customers worldwide.


The Management of Rulen Enterprises are committed to continuous improvement in order to provide our employees with the tools and resources necessary for delivering quality products and services that meet the expectations of our clients worldwide.

P.O. Box 7031
Columbia, MO 65205

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