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Kansas City Star Patterns Wanted

Autograph Quilt, The Here is one style of the Autograph or Friendship 3-2-49
Basket-Weave Friendship Quilt, The Mrs. V.O Garman, Tahlequa, OK, A simulated Basket 4-9-58
Big Bears Paw, The n/a 6-15-60
Bleeding Heart, The n/a 2-8-50
Blue Blades Flying n/a 7-19-44
Bow Tie in Pink and White, A n/a 2-22-56
Brave Sunflower, A n/a 12-26-51
Bright Morning Star, The n/a 9-14-60
Broken Circle, The Only two colors are required for the Broken Circle 12-17-52
Broken Square, The n/a 4-9-38
Broken Stone, The Mahalie Fusher, Box 116, Round Pond, Ark. 1-4-50
Caps for Witches and Dunces n/a 8-15-56
Cat's Cradle, The Amelia Lampton, Aguilar, Colo 9-21-60
Century Old Tulip Pattern, a (Century -Old) n/a 9-24-47
Christmas Toy Quilt is Made of Bias Tape n/a 11-23-32
Circle In a Frame n/a 10-24-45
Cottage Tulips In cutting pieces for this version of the tulip 8-27-47
Coverlet in Jewel Tones, A n/a 1-14-59
Cross Patch, The n/a 11-16-55
Design for Patriotism, A n/a 8-20-52
Design for Geometrics, A n/a 10-24-56
Dogwood Blossom, A Mrs. Gust Hesemann, Owensville, Mo. 9-17-58
Double Anchor, The n/a 11-30-55
Double Square, The Ida Mae Howard, Redtop, Mo. 2-25-53
Dove at the Window eight year old Lerlene Rhodes, Dermott, Ark. 11-28-45
Drunkard's Path, The Mrs. Gladys Mahaney, Vian, Ok. 3-11-59
End of the Road n/a 11-09-55
Evening Star, The Gladys Mahaney, Tahlequah, Oklahoma 5-18-60
Ever Popular Log Cabin, The n/a 8-24-60
Fenced in Star, The (Fenced-in) n/a 2-13-46
Ferris Wheel, The n/a 7-29-59
Flying Colors n/a 11-5-58
Four Vases n/a 3-28-51
Frame with Diamonds, A n/a 10-1-47
From a Grandmother's Collection n/a 8-19-59
Garden of Flowers, A n/a 8-10-55
Golden Wedding Ring, The n/a 3-12-52
Grandmother's Quilt n/a 11-3-48
Hands All 'Round Mrs. Mae Head, Hollister, Mo. 7-25-56
Hicks Flower Basket, The Ida Best, Tahlequah, Ok. 5-14-58
Hour Glass In A New Picture, The n/a 8-20-58
In (Narcissus Motif) n/a 4-6-60
Irish Chain Hint, An For an all over design, Mollie Terrapin, Tallequah, Ok 8-31-55
Jewels In A Frame n/a 2-27-57
Leaves and Flowers n/a 8-24-35
Liberty Star, The Particularly appropriate for a boy's room 4-21-48
Like Marquetry-(The Rope and Anchor) n/a 5-11-60
Little Boy's Breeches AN OLD PATTERN TAKES A NEW NAME 7-16-38
Little Boy's Britches This is a pattern in which both piecing and 4-23-47
Little Wedding Ring, The This long time favorite quilt block design may 11-28-56
Log Cabin, The Four squares are required to complete each block of the Log Cabin, each 1-14-53
May Basket for Applique Mrs. Asher Percy, Ringwood Ok. 8-28-46
Meadow Rose, The n/a 7-10-46
Monkey Wrench, The Mrs. T.A.Best, Seminole Ok. 3-7-56
Monkey Wrench, The Mrs. A.H.Ward, Steele, Mo. 1-20-60
Moon Is New, The Mrs. A.H.Ward, Steele, Mo. 9-14-55
Multiple Square Quilt, A n/a 5-6-53
My Mother's Apron n/a 8-27-52
Name Is Hesper, The n/a 10-31-51
Name On Each Line, A n/a 9-7-55
Nine Patch Star Quilt n/a 1-4-56
Oklahoma Wonder, The n/a 7-18-56
Oklahoma's Semi-Centennial n/a 4-24-57
Old Fashioned Goblet, An Mrs. J.E.Wright, Gatewood, Mo. 12-7-55
Old Fashioned Pin Wheel, An (Old Fashioned) n/a 2-12-58
Old Fashioned Quilt n/a 9-11-37
Old Fashioned Star Quilt, An (Old Fashioned) n/a 12-12-56
Old Fashioned Wagon Wheel, The (Old Fashioned) Mrs. T.S.Best, Locust Grove, Ok. 7-20-55
Orange Peel Quilt, An n/a 8-1-56
Picture Frame, The Mrs. Laura Bixby, Salem, Mo. 9-28-55
Picture Frames Mrs. Maude Ramsey, Minneola, Kansas 2-28-51
Pictures In The Stairwell n/a 11-2-56
Pointed Ovals n/a 4-27-55
Puss In The Corner Mrs. Homer Ausborne, Tyronza, Ark. 1-18-56
Quilt For A 4-H Room, A This quilt design is so impressive and the blocks are 4-18-56
Red, The White, The Blue, The Employing our national colors, the border of 12-14-55
Return of the Swallows n/a 10-2-46
Rising Sun, The Mrs. Bob Mullinax, Farmington, MO. 2-1-56
Rising Sun, The Emma Swicegood, Tulsa, Ok. 9-12-56
Road to Arkansas, The n/a 6-6-56
Road to Oklahoma, The Mrs. Claud Wilson, Siloam Springs, Ark. is the contributor of this 1-11-56
Road to Oklahoma, The Mrs. Claud Wilson, Siloam Springs, Ark/Appropriate in timing is 11-6-57
Roman Stripe, The n/a 12-21-55
Rope Strands, The n/a 4-20-60
Rosebuds of Spring Mrs. Orville Johnson, London, Ark. 5-19-54
Rosette Of Points, A Mrs. Orville Johnson, London, Ark. 8-29-56
Sail Boat, The Mrs. J.E.Sewell, Poplar Bluff, Mo./BlueWaters 5-15-57
Scottish Cross, The n/a 4-4-45
Scrap Zigzag, A n/a 10-26-55
Sea Shell Quilt, The n/a 7-28-48
Semi-Circle Saw, The n/a 7-3-46
Seven Stars A BLOCK OF SEVEN STARS 9-10-58
Small Triangle Quilt n/a 11-7-45
Soldier At The Window Mrs. Charlie L. Gatter, Apache, OK 7-10-57
Solomon's Temple Miss Irene Davis, Caddo, OK 7-13-55
Space For Many Names n/a 11-4-59
Spider Web, The The choice of finely striped fabric for four 4-14-48
Spider Web Gone Awry, A A spider web motif that looks as though Madame 6-17-59
Spring Beauty "May Baskets" Thats what we imagine a little 4-19-61
Squares and Diamonds Eddie Kirk, Galt, Mo. 10-21-59
Squares of Diamonds Mrs. Cecil Mahaney, Vian, Ok. 1-25-61
Star of Diamond Points, A n/a 4-17-57
Star of the West n/a 8-22-56
Steps To The Altar (Mo8-7-46) Mrs. Jess Wright, Gatewood, Mo. 7-31-46
Texas Flower, The n/a 3-26-38
True America n/a 2-8-56
Turtle Quilt, The Mrs. George Morris, Finley, Ok. 2-17-60
Valentine Quilt, The Mrs. Vernon Sparks, Oak Ridge , Mo 1-19-55
Victory Quilt In Another Version Mrs. E.P. Hickey, Fayetteville, Ark. 4-22-42
Wagon Wheels Carry Me Home Mrs. Dessie Waters, Pawnee, Ok. 6-4-52
Wedding Ring, The The perpetually popular wedding ring, Cut in Ok. Ark. 4-15-59
Whirligig For Your Child, A Miss Zella J. Coffman, Norwood, Mo. 6-20-56
Whirling Blade, The n/a 3-8-44
Windmills All Around n/a 9-18-57
Window Of Triangles, A n/a 12-23-59
Yours For Luck n/a 11-18-59

Series Quilt Patterns

HAPPY CHILDHOOD QUILT SERIES 10-31-32 thru 11-19-32 - - Diagram, Boat

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