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Excellence In Historic Education

Excellence In Design Award

Congratulations! Your site has been chosen for our "Excellence in Design" award. The hard work and research you have put into your site will help this generation, past and present, to know and learn about how our country was developed and the hardships they encountered.

SCIC Award

The Southron & Confederate Information Center Award has been bestowed to your par excellence site as recognition to the unwavering commitement towards meritorious duty in presenting and preserving the unaltered truth on the War Of 1861 - 1865. Congratulations!

Po' Boy's 5 Star Award

I must say I always try to compliment the winners of our award by pointing out a part of their site that really impresses me. But in the case of your site there is so much much great info that I can't single any one section out. I honestly feel you have one of the most unique and original sites I have ever seen on the War. The subject you present is way too often overlooked by the casual student of the War and definately needs to be told. Most of my ancestors fought in the Army of Tennessee and they too often get overlooked by the students of the War. But as you well know the war in the east was only a part of this great struggle. I personally thank you for helping spread knowledge about things "out west." Please accept on behalf of the men and descendents of the 7th Mississippi, our 5 Star Award for both having tremendous content and for outstanding and superior web design!

Southern Patriot Award

It is a bit ironic that having recently started looking into the Missouri Partisan Rangers, that we review your site. The Missouri Partisan Rangers are true hero's to The Cause. Without a doubt your site is truely a great creation and a plus to the further education of the War. Please kindly accept the Grimes Artillery Btry Web Award, on our behalf, and for Dixie. Yours, Tom Hendrickson - Grimes Btry C.S.A. !

Southern Preservation Association

"Southron"...A word removed from many dictionaries after the war by union publishers. It is still missing in some today. Most spell checks say "NOT IN" dictionary! It is what folks of the Celtic South called themselves. It is a proud name for us, we should use it more often. We need more SOUTHRON sites such as this one.

Jackson Light Artillery Award

We have reviewed your site and found that it is truly a "Nice Site." We always take the greatest of pleasure in awarding great sites such as yours "The Jackson Light Artillery Nice Site Award." Your devotion to keeping history alive for generations to come is truly a great thing!!!!

PoP's C.W.? I Dig It Award

Oft times we tend to forget the noble efforts of our border state brothers in arms. Missouri suffered as much, if not more than most deep South states." The Missouri Partisan Ranger" covers the men and their struggle against the oppression and effort of The United States to the federalization of all states. Do not miss a visit to this informative and well put together site! Well done ! ! ! !.

9th Georgia Infantry Award

It is with pleasure that we of the 9th Georgia Infantry bestow our award to The Missouri Partisan Ranger website. Personally, I found the information on the Missouri Partisan Ranger site quite interesting and well researched. My knowledge, is with the Army of Northern Virginia, and to a lesser degree, the Army of Tenneessee. The war in Missouri, explained well on The Missouri Partisan Ranger website pages, was as horrible and hard fought as anywhere in the South. My compliments to your site for educating all of us as to the tragedy that was repeated time and time again in Missouri, and the sufferings of thousands of people involved. Sincerely, Neal Griffin

8th Georgia Infantry Web Award

I've viewed your webpage on the Missouri Partisan Rangers, and it is very informative, easy to navigate, attractive, and has good and rare information, as well as some nice songs. Your photographs, images & in depth information about The Missouri Partisan Ranger are excellent. Therefore, it is my pleasure in presenting you the 8th Georgia Infantry Web Award. We have also proudly added The Missouri Partisan Ranger Virtual Museum And Archives site our award recipients. Congratulations! Sincerely, Dave Larson Webmaster, 8th Georgia Infantry Webpage.

Military World Certified Site Award

Military World is pleased to announce your site has been reviewed and you have won our Certified Site Award. The sites are judged on content, functionality, graphics and usefulness to the general public. We spend a lot of time reviewing sites and not all make the grade. You have done a great job, keep up the good work!

Genealogy Excellence - Award Program

They Live Again wants to recognize those individuals who have worked not only to preserve their family history but also for spending the additional time and effort to create a web page to share and assist others with their research. The purpose of the Genealogy Excellence Award is to acknowledge genealogy sites that combines verified, ethical research information within an Internet format that can be easily understood and shared with other researchers.

Civil War Excellence Award

Some historians have called this time in history "The Second American Revolution." Thousands of men and women were determined to take a stand for what they believed in deeply as a cause worthy of personal hardship and sacrifice. A great many of the soldiers and sailors who served were killed in battle or died as a result of disease, wounded and maimed, captured or suffered the hardships merely living the everyday life of a soldier or sailor. This website exemplifies these harships and continues to provide information for future generations.

Great Historical Site Award

Hear Ye... Hear Ye... This site has been presented with the "Great Historical Site Award"! It has preserved history for all through the documentation and links contained herein.

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