Criminals Against Missouri

Here is a roster of some the worst dregs that society ever produced. A more ungodly, murderous lot of heathens has never existed.

Actually, they are not even befitting a place on such a hallowed site as THE MISSOURI PARTISAN RANGER.

But, these faces should be always remebered as the evil and criminal element in which they lived and operated against the innocent citizens of Missouri.

Brigadier General Thomas Ewing -   Recruited 11th Kansas Cavalry as Colonel in September of 1862. Appointed Brigadier General of Kansas Volunteers in March of 1863 and commanded District of the Border. Fought Sterling Price in his Missouri Raid. Will be most remembered for his infamous Order Numer 11, which banished Missourians who resided within the district which Ewing commanded. James "Jim" Lane -   Known as the "Grim Chieftain." Brigadier General James Lane with the authority granted by Lincoln, assembled his Jayhawkers into the 3rd, 4th and 5th Kansas Regiments. Lane referred to themselves as Red Legs, a name describing the color of the leather leggings wore by it's members. The Red Legs perpetuated intense terrorist activities against countless numbers of innocent Missourians. Would later become a Kansas Senator.

Charles R. Jennison -   7th Kansas Cavalry Regiment, USA, "Jennison's Jayhawkers". Used the WBTS to settle old scores left over from the fierce border fighting. Thievery, rape, plunder and murder were passed off to the Kansans and Federal Government as patriotic strikes against Southern traitors. James Montgomery -   He had been intimately involved in the Kansas border disputes before the war, acting as one of the chief lieutenants of James Lane. His atrocities against Missourians were heinous. Montgomery remained in Kansas until December 1862, when, after continued conflicts between himself, Lane, and Charles Jennison over the command of a newly organized black regiment, he left the state for Washington.

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