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The authors and sponsors of The Missouri Partisan Ranger have gathered a multitude of information from various sources. Many photos, stories, illustrations, artifacts, etc. are included in this site.

We have striven to make sure these sources and accounts are all as accurate as possible, legally obtained, public domain, or are artifacts from private collections used with owners permission.

Notably, we are a self funded, nonprofit entity.

At this time, we are a "virtual" online museum. We do not have a public facility nor are we open to the public. We are working on opening a museum and archives devoted to the Missouri Partisan Ranger. But, for now, you can enjoy these fabulous relics on your computer in the comfort of your home.

Additionally, we do not do any fee based or pro bono (free) research, identification, authentication, genealogical or pension searches or retrieval, etc.

But, our sister site American Thunder Antiquities, does these types of fee based, historical research, artifact and genealogical work.

And last, but not least, we thank you for your interest in this ever growing project.

The Curators

Alumni et Patriae Asto
(In Eternal Memory Of Those Who Stood For Their Country)

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