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The Missouri Partisan Rangers were the Irregular Cavalry units of such commanders as William Clarke Quantrill, William T. Anderson, George Todd, John Thrailkill, etc.

These men rode hard and defended the innocent citizens of Missouri from the slaughter and carnage that had been committed by Federal occupational forces sent by Abraham Lincoln.

Many Northern histories and spin doctors consider the Missouri Partisan Ranger to be bushwhackers and thieves. But in reality, they were only waging the type of war that had already been committed against them and their families for over a decade.

The Federal occupational troops sent by Lincoln came from Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and mainly Kansas. They raped, pillaged, burned and destroyed much of Western, West Central and South West Missouri.

The Missouri Partisan Rangers were at times the only defense the people of Missouri had from these savage invaders. Without doubt, the so called Federal armies were indeed illegal occupational invaders who simply had no right to occupy and violate Missouri's autonomy.

As issued on March 13, 1862 in Order Number 2, The Missouri Partisan Rangers were given "No Quarter" when they were captured. Murder and death were the occupational armies sole solution.

And in return, No Quarter was given to the enemy of The Missouri Partisan Ranger.


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  15. Criminals Against Missouri
  16. Dastardly Federal Occupation Deeds
  17. Collapse Of Union Jail In Kansas City
  18. The Raid On Lawrence, Kansas
  19. General Order Number 2
  20. General Order Number 9
  21. General Order Number 10
  22. General Order Number 11
  23. George Caleb Bingham's - Order Number 11
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  25. Harry S. Truman - 2nd Confederate President
  26. Famous Quotes From The War
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