Confederate Partisan Act in Missouri

Confederate States President, Jefferson Davis, did not believe in guerrilla warfare, considering it too disorganized. However, on April 21, 1862 he approved an act to authorize commisioned officers to form bands of Partisan rangers.

It was then that General Thomas C. Hindman, published his "Confederate Partisan Act in Missouri". Hindman believed fully in the military value of guerrilla warfare.

General Hindman's "Confederate Partisan Act in Missouri" was issued from his headquarters of The Trans Misssissippi Department in Little Rock Arkansas on July 17, 1862.

The following is the glorious, official order recognizing the importance of the Missouri Partisan Ranger.

Confederate Partisan Act in Missouri

I. For the more effectual annoyance of the enemy upon our rivers and in our mountains and woods all citizens of this district who are not conscripted are called upon to organize themselves into independent companies of mounted men or infantry, as they prefer, arming themselves and to serve in that part of the district to which they belong.

II. When as many as 10 men come together for this purpose they may organize by electing a captain, 1 sergeant, 1 corporal, and will at once commence operations against the enemy without waiting for special instructions. Their duty will be to cut off Federal pickets, scouts, foraging parties and trains and to kill pilots and others on gunboats and transports, attacking them day and night and using the greatest vigor in their movements. As soon as the company attains the strength required by law it will proceed to elect the other officers to which it is entitled. All such organizations will be reported to their headquarters as sonn as practicable. they will receive pay and allowances for subsistance and forage for the time actually in the field, as established by the affidavits of their captains.

III. These companies will be governed in all respects by the same regulations as other troops. Captains will be held responsible for the good conduct and efficiency of their men and will report to these headquarters from time to time.

General Thomas C. Hindman

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