If The War of 1861-1865
Was Really About Slavery...

  • Why didn't Lincoln just arm the slaves?
  • Why didn't Lincoln simply buy the slaves off?
  • Why didn't Lincoln order his troops NOT to fire on slaves during General Sherman's infamous march?
  • Why did over 97,000 blacks fight on the side of the Confederacy?
  • Why did Northern States outlaw slavery AFTER the war was over? Delaware rejected the 13th Amendment and did not ratify it (free the slaves) until 1901!
  • Why did Union troops destroy what was knowingly part of the Underground Railroad during key campaigns?
  • Why do we still condone slavery in other countries (such as China)?
  • How did burning Atlanta help the free blacks in that city? How many were killed?
  • If the South wanted Slavery and the North didn't, then why didn't the Northern States secede from the Southern States and offered free passage north to blacks? Wouldn't that have been much simpler?
  • Why are there numerous articles from those days about the war being fought over money and federal rule vs state sovereignty?
  • And finally... Why won't ANY member of the NAACP debate Southern Heritage Supporters publicly on these matters?

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